Log Finishing and Restoration

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BC Log Finishing

BC Log Finishers offer a wide variety of services to help maintain your log home including chinking, finishing, staining, restorations, glass and media blasting.


Proper care and maintenance of the wood in a log home can create a beautiful habitat and prevent a host of problems in the future. If logs are properly cared for and maintained, it can more than double your home life expectancy. Consultation, careful planning and repairs should be entrusted to a Professional who understands all facets of log and timber structures. Each Log Home is unique, in appearance and maintenance requirements. On top of creating your log structure, here are the additional services that we offer:

There are Four basic Steps to Beautify and Protect Your Log Home

  2. If you own an older log home you may need to remove the old finish and bring your home to a fresh new state.
  4. We recommend using special preservatives to protect against termites, carpenter ants, insects, rot, mold and mildew
  5. STAIN
  6. You will need to apply finish to protect and bring out the beauty of your log home
  7. SEAL
  8. Use flexible sealants between the logs, when necessary, to energy seal and weatherproof your log home

It is wise and necessary to periodically inspect your log home.
Inspection Check List

When inspecting the exterior of the building, look for:

  1. Landscape plants within 18 inches of exterior walls.
  2. Gutters & down spouts everywhere in good working order.
  3. Any wood within 12 inches of (or especially in contact with ) ground.
  4. Wood piles at least 18 inches away from house.
  5. Look for general patterns of fading of the finish.
  6. Look more carefully at areas that are most exposed to weather.
Look for patterns of weathering.

Inspect integrity of all sealant joinery at log-log interfaces, windows, doors, checks, roof lines or any potential air or water intrusion points.