Advantages of Building a Mountain High Log Home

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: We strive to be honest with our clients and ourselves and to be true to the log building profession on every level.

  • Intelligence: With 35 years of log building under our belts, and being on the cutting edge of developmental stages in the industry, we strive to make the wisest decisions for our clients in every situation.

  • Customer Service: Our Log Building Specialists communicate personally with our clients and are available for consulting with their architects, contractors and engineers through every stage of the log building process.

  • Family: We are a three-generation log building family: working, playing and praying together.

Customer Service


We specialize in handcrafted log homes. Each log is hand peeled, scribed and fitted snugly to the log below. The corners are fitted with a Scandinavian style notch.

We have been handcrafting log homes for over 35 years, adding extra touches for a superior home.

Wood quality - we use slow growth wood from of BC's Cascade Mountains. Slow growth wood is more dense and stable. Another benefit of building with wood from British Columbia!

Our specialists will travel to your site and personally oversee the reasembly of your home for a beautifully finished product.


Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is assured. Please see the following letter from a member of our family of clients.

Doug and Mary McCulloch
Mountain High Log Homes

Dear Doug and Mary,

I am taking this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for all that you have done to assist, guide, encourage and support my log home building adventure. I must say that I had no idea at the beginning stages of this project that I would have the good fortune to find such fine, honest and caring people such as yourselves. We always hope for that, but to experience it is, itself, a blessing. You and your family have enhanced my life in many ways for which I am eternally grateful.

In addition to having developed a wonderful working relationship, your expertise and craftsmanship have not gone unnoticed by anyone who has seen the home . I recall hearing the fellow from the bank during the reassembly process saying that it was one of the "best log homes" he had ever seen. My contractor, Alvin, with 15 years of log home building experience under his belt often expresses how impressed he is by the quality of your work and the quality of the logs. It is, honestly, turning out wonderfully well, and I am having a ball working on it! Every time I pull into the driveway, I think of how lucky I am to be doing this.

Thank you for everything from talking with me whenever I needed to discuss the plans, to assisting with the trucking, to being there for the reassembly, to making suggestions that helped keep the log package within budget. You are very special people building very special homes, and I am grateful for having the opportunity to build my log home with you.


Ron Chalian